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Estimating the cost of running a campaign

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You only pay a fee if your fundraising is successful. No hidden costs – our standard raise fee is based on the total funds you raise. We’ve designed our fee structure to provide businesses with a cost-effective and predictable way to raise funds on Seedrs.

Fees may vary depending on jurisdiction. The information in this article is for businesses based in the UK. If your business is based elsewhere, consult with your Campaign Associate for a detailed breakdown of the fees for your jurisdiction

Our fee structure:

  • Success fee - 6% of all funds raised (minimum £9,500)

  • Completion fee - £2,500 (excl. VAT)

  • Payment processing fee

Success fee - 6% of all funds raised

Our fee for hosting the successful raise of funds for your business. This includes:

  • Campaign creation dashboard to prepare your campaign

  • Analytic dashboards to help manage your live campaign

  • A dedicated account manager to help prepare and manage your campaign

  • Inclusion in our weekly update email to investors on launch

  • Investor relations tools to engage with prospective investors

  • Shareholder management portal for managing investors post raise

  • Access to exclusive Alumni Club offers

  • Use of our FCA authorised platform, KYC and AML processes for investors

Completion fee - £2,500 (excl. VAT)

This fee covers administrative work undertaken on completing a campaign, including:

  • Execution of shareholder agreements and other documentation, 

  • Communications with investors, 

  • Support with SEIS/EIS filings (as applicable), and the

  • Issue of electronic share certificates to investors. 

Payment processing fee

We offer a range of payment methods for Seedrs users to invest in your business, and we charge different rates for each to cover fees levied by our third party payment processor. Below is a breakdown of the payment methods and their respective fees:

Seedrs Account/Bank Transfer


Pay by Bank


UK Debit Card


EU Debit Card


UK Credit Card


EU Credit Card


Non-UK or Non-EU Debit or Credit Card


iDeal (per payment)


On average we expect businesses to pay a payment processing fee of between 0.5% and 1.0%.
You may choose to pay for additional campaign marketing support at an additional cost.

For more detail on fees and how they work please see our Terms and Conditions.

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