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Can people from outside of Europe invest?
Can people from outside of Europe invest?
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Yes, although for regulatory reasons they can only invest if they have a prior connection to one of the team. You can have up to 15 prior connections from outside of the EU who can invest in the campaign. You must have known them before you started marketing your campaign โ€“ for example, family, friends or prior business connections. To allow them to invest please:

  1. Ask them to create an account on

  2. Collate all email addresses into a spreadsheet

  3. Send this spreadsheet to your Investment Associate contact once all connections have created an account

  4. Ask them to send their KYC supporting documents (government issued photo ID; a proof of address document showing your full name residential address and dated within the last three months) to

  5. Once completed your Investment Associate will enable their accounts for you and your prior connections will be able to invest.

Please note that we cannot accept any investment from the United States at this stage due to regulatory reasons.

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