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Updating your investors
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Once Seedrs has concluded its final checks on the business, documentation has been finalised, and we are certain the investors will become shareholders of your company, you can start engaging with your new community of shareholders.

1. Click the "Post an Update" button on your company page, under "Shareholder Portal".

2. If you have previous updates, you will see them here. Click the "add update" button to write your update.

3. Write your update. On top of general text, we allow you to upload up to four documents, three images and add a video from Vimeo.

4. Your update will be posted immediately to your post-investment page. 

Investors will receive an email notification once our team approves the update (approximately 3 working days). 

Your email reminders

  1. You will be sent an email reminding you to post an update one month after your last update (or funding round).

  2. You will be sent another email reminder to post an update two months after your last update (or campaign).

  3. On three months you will be sent an update to let you know your update is due. As standard we require an update every three months to the platform.

  4. After three months, you will be sent a weekly email reminder to post an update.

Types of updates

Entrepreneurs tend to ask us what things to include in their updates and how frequently should they deliver these updates to their investors. These are fair questions, but it is hard to define a golden rule. Updates tend to have their own context and relevance. With that in mind, we have decided to outline the most common types of updates that we have seen on the platform throughout the years.

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