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After your fundraise, we keep the “Discussion Forum” available on your post-raise page. This provides an easy communication channel between you and your investors as well as amongst themselves.

1. New discussion topics can be created from the“Discussion” tab on the post-investment page:

2. Once a topic has been created, you and your investors can comment on it:

Your discussion forum provides you with a way to manage your community more directly than an update does. 

Here is a great example of how it can be done:

Notifications for updates are sent to both you and your investors.

You will be notified via email of any new discussion topic or comment that has been posted on your business’s discussion forum.

Investors are notified of any new discussion topic that is created or comments made on a topic they have followed/commented on via email.  

The majority of investors have their notifications set to daily. For a few investors they are set to weekly or monthly.

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