The closing process
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Once you have reached your target, accepted any overfunding you may have received, and all committed investments are paid for, you can close your campaign, and we will work with you complete the transaction.

Our team will conduct a brief legal due diligence process with you. This is simply to ensure that your company has been set up properly (if you haven’t incorporated yet, we can help you do so) and that certain other IP and structural matters are in order. If your business is eligible for certain tax reliefs, we will also use this period to obtain clearances from the tax authorities.

Subscription agreement and articles

Once we have completed our legal due diligence process, we will ask you to agree to a simple subscription agreement and sign other related documentation. You can get a sense of the types of provisions we include in the subscription agreement by checking out our two-page term sheet (bear in mind that certain changes may be required depending on the specifics of your business).

Receiving your funds

Once you and we have signed the subscription agreement and any other document, we will transfer your funds, minus our fee, directly into your business bank account. We aim to transfer funds to your business within one week of closing the campaign.

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