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Posting campaign updates
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One of the most important factors of successful campaigns is that they’re able to keep investment momentum going. A great way to keep investors interested in your business is to keep them updated of successes you have throughout the campaign period. Investors love seeing your positive news and are more likely to invest if they can see your company is performing well.  

Best practices

  1. Funding milestones (75%, 90%, 100%+).

  2. Positive media coverage throughout your campaign.

  3. Any big customer wins (that you can talk about).

  4. Important deals or partnerships (that you can talk about).

  5. Highlight investment from notable investors.

  6. Events you or your team will be attending where investors may want to come and meet you. 

  7. Timing milestones informing investors of when you’ll be closing your campaign.

  8. Positive business developments (for example, if you’ve announced profit or made a key hire during your raise).

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