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Almost everything you’ll do to promote your campaign will be digital, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for physical promotion of your campaign. In fact, offline tactics could help your campaign stick out among influencers.

Things to consider when planning promotions:  

On product

  • Depending on lead time, consider promoting your campaign on product labels.

  • On product stickers with campaign URL and brief call to action.

  • If you deliver products to customers, include a flyer in the box or on the packing tape with campaign URL and call to action. 

In store

  • Have temporary takeover of employee uniforms to include shirts with more information. And make sure your team members are empowered with all the information they need to direct interest to your campaign page. 

  • Window displays and stickers to promote to customers and passers-by.

  • Flyers on tables and at counters. Don’t forget to distribute to partners and neighbours to help distribute. 

  • Pull up banners.

Other physical promotions

  • Print campaign URL and call to action on the back of business cards.

  • Distribute flyers and samples in areas where you think potential investors are likely to be.

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