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There is something powerful about meeting people face to face. Investors like to ‘see the whites of your eyes’ and get a feel for who they could be investing in, so do try to get out to as many events as possible just before and during your campaign. Types of events you may consider hosting, include:

  1. Launch events

  2. Open house meet the team

  3. Partner event with another campaigning business

  4. Fireside chat with industry leader or high profile investor

You may also want to attend pitching events hosted by universities, angel networks, co-working spaces and other entrepreneurial hubs.

Meetings are great to have a more personal conversation with potential HNW individuals or influencers. But, these can have a long lead-time, so get the ball rolling as soon as you can. 

Tips for offline meetings

  • Put together a list of investors in your space, who you’ve met at networking events, and who you think would be a good fit for your business and start reaching out.

  • Really nail your elevator pitch and key business stats.

  • Pick a location that’s not too formal, where you’re guaranteed seating and where it’s not too loud to talk.

  • Follow up promptly after the meeting.

  • Take your business plan with you in case they ask for it.

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