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Using your website/app to promote your raise
Using your website/app to promote your raise
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Your website, or app, is an invaluable communication medium. Not only can you use it to direct visitors to your pre-registration page and then live campaign, but you can track the efficacy with analytics so that you can iterate.  

Best practice for promoting on your website or in app

  • Create a homepage banner/popup or app notification directing users and visitors to your pre-registration page when it goes live. 

  • When you go into private launch switch your notification to direct users and visitors to your campaign page.

  • Create some educational content on your Website such as ‘what is crowdfunding’ or ‘why we’re crowdfunding’ on a landing page or as FAQs to help explain why you’re on Seedrs. 

  • Post updates on your blog when you reach certain milestones to engage readers, always including a link to your campaign with a call to action. 

  • Send a message to users via a customer service chat app like Intercom or Qualroo.

  • Don’t be afraid to share updates to users via in app messages, capping at around two per week. 

  • Set up your Google Analytics to include your Seedrs campaign as a new property, and send your Investment Associate your GA account number so that you can monitor your campaign page in your Google Analytics dashboard. 

  • Use UTM tracking URLs in all digital marketing activity so that you can see where visitors and investors are coming from. We suggest using your Seedrs campaign name in the Campaign Content field. 

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