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Email marketing has been shown to deliver the one of the greatest returns on investment for marketers, so it should definitely not be neglected when promoting your investment round. Think about all the different aspects of email you can use, the different stages of your campaign and new things you can tell people about (so you’re not too repetitive):

  1. Pre-registration invitations

  2. Pre-registration follow ups

  3. Private campaign invitations

  4. Public campaign invitations

  5. Newsletters (to let your customer base know you’re crowdfunding)

  6. Team email signatures

Best practice for email marketing

  • Have an engaging subject line

  • Have a compelling call to action (but remember the financial promotions guidance)

  • Consider the time of day you’re sending the email

  • AB test (if you have a large audience this might be useful)

  • Segment your audience so you can talk to each segment in the most appropriate way

  • Use well-designed images

  • Keep copy short and sweet

  • Keep regularity in your email blasts - you don’t want to send out one email and then go silent

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