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Plan out your press list

When planning your PR approach it’s important to make sure you’re targeting the right journalists at the right time. Targeting the right press for your brand is more evocative. Focus on journalists who are specifically interested in your sector, or in early stage businesses initially, then widen your search from there - for example pitching a food and beverage concept to a fintech journalist isn’t going to benefit you or the journalist. And as previously discussed it’s critical to make sure you hit publications with the right lead time to increase your chances of publication.

Things to think about when planning PR

  1. When you want coverage to land? 

  2. The lead times of certain publications - an online only publication will have a much shorter lead time than a weekly magazine who might need to be approached weeks in advance to hit your desired publishing date. 

  3. Getting your press live when your campaign is public - too far in advance and you might miss out on the chance to convert your audience into customers or investors. 

It’s important to use the media as a platform to tell your company story rather than just trying to promote your crowdfund. Telling people you’re raising investment isn’t always newsworthy - you need to explain to journalists what sets your business apart and why they should write about you.

Before sending out your release:

  1. Make sure your press release has a catchy headline.

  2. What is the story? (This could start with your backstory leading to the present day and your current brand).

  3. Why is your brand unique?

  4. Why are you crowdfunding? (Is it to build your customer base or simply raise capital?)

  5. When will your campaign start and end? (This makes the story timely and relevant)

  6. When does your targeted publication go to print/live?

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