Why we require evidence
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Each campaign you see on Seedrs has been through a vigorous review by our Investment Team. Where there are material statements of fact, we require the company to provide evidence to substantiate the claim or amend or remove statements to ensure the campaign is fair, clear and not misleading. The campaign includes the main text of the campaign and the video (the “Campaign”); it does not include the discussion forum or additional documents that the company provides directly to investors on request.

Why we do it

The Campaign forms the basis of most investors’ investment decisions. It is the company’s chance to pitch their idea and their accomplishments to investors. The Campaign provides a minimum level of information, available to all investors, which has been approved by us as being fair, clear and not misleading in accordance with the FCA’s financial promotion rules.

What you should consider

If the information that you need to make your investment decision is not included in the Campaign, you can request that information from the company or conduct your own research. You should assume that any further information provided by or about the company, whether through the discussion forum, additional documents section, or otherwise, has not been reviewed or approved by us and you should consider independently verifying that information.

How we back this up with contractual protections

In verifying information, we are necessarily reliant on information and evidence provided from the company’s own records, such as management or statutory accounts, internal database records etc. For private companies, these records often cannot be checked against independent sources of information. Our standard contractual protections back this up with warranties around the accuracy of the information provided by the company (otherwise we would just be taking their word for it).

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