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Raising funds with Seedrs
A look at the fundraising journey
A look at the fundraising journey
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After your application has been approved by our team, you'll be assigned a dedicated Campaign Manager who will help you through the process and provide the tools you need to run a successful campaign. Here’s a high level look at the Seedrs campaign process:

Create your campaign
The first thing that’s needed is a compelling campaign page to showcase your business to investors, and hopefully bring them on board. You’ll need to:

  • Provide us with background information on your company

  • Agree in principle on shareholder documentation 

  • Write your pitch

  • Create a video

  • Add supporting documents for investors to view

  • Verify the information on the campaign page with your Campaign Manager

Your Campaign manager will guide you through this process and will be on hand to answer any question you may have.

Build awareness
It’s important that you have a strategy in place before you push the button to go live. Day 1 of the campaign, when the amount raised is £0 can be a daunting feeling. If you’ve planned ahead and segmented your community, created email / social media templates, thought of events to host or content to use online, you’ll be ahead of the game.

Don’t just limit yourself to thinking about creating a plan for what to do once the campaign is live. Campaigns fund quickly when time and effort is put into generating awareness and warming up investors before launching your campaign. Reach out to people who like what you're doing, including friends and family, team members, vendors and stockists, previous investors, and customers well ahead of time to sow the seeds that a crowdfunding opportunity might be coming their way. 

Campaign launch
When the campaign is first sent live it will be in private, only accessible to those lucky few that are sent the campaign page directly. This is an ideal time to invite your shareholders, customers and network to have the exclusive opportunity to invest before everyone else.

Once you’re happy that you have maximised the potential of your private campaign it’s time to open the funnel wider by making it publicly accessible by the Seedrs community. Speak to your Campaign manager in order to make the switch. Campaigns run for up to 30 days, but successful ones often fund much sooner.

Target reached
Congratulations! The clock now stops but campaigns can stay open to take advantage of overfunding. We’ll still look to bring the campaign to a conclusion once you reach 30 days but the pressure is off in terms of reaching your goal. Don’t relax too much though as now you have a great asset to spread the message even wider by looking to leverage the campaign into press, blogs and other mentions.

Campaign closed
We’ll run through some final checks, mostly reconfirming what we already know is still accurate, and finalise the documentation that was agreed in principle at the start. Once this is agreed by the company and Seedrs, we’ll execute the documentation, transfer the funds and welcome you into our alumni club!

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