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How do I apply to raise with Seedrs?
How do I apply to raise with Seedrs?
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The Seedrs company application is comprised of two parts:

1. Quick assessment: is equity crowdfunding right for you? (30 seconds)

Our extensive experience launching crowdfunding campaigns has allowed us to develop an algorithm that determines the likelihood of a company successfully equity crowdfunding. We’ll ask you to provide the size of your community, your user/customer base and the amount you have pre-committed. If these numbers are appropriate to the amount you would like to raise, then you’ll be provided with an application that will go through to our Entrepreneur Team.

2. Application to raise (approximately 5 minutes)

In this section we’ll ask you further details about your business, including industry sector, accomplishments, website, social links, valuation and plans for your campaign. This information will help our Campaign Development team further assess if Seedrs is the right platform for your company to raise funds. 

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