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Documentation required to finalise your campaign
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Each company that raises on Seedrs is different, as a result we are incredibly flexible with our approach to structuring documentation for each business we invest in. There are two primary choices:

Use Seedrs documentation

If you are an early stage business that has not raised previously from external investors or for whatever reason do not have documentation in place with investor protections such as drag, tag and pre-emption rights you can use our documentation. Our completion pack has been drafted with growth investment in mind, a careful balance of investor protections and flexibility for the company going forward. It’s in line with what angel investors would look for and sets up up for your next round of funding. 

Our documents can be seen below:

Seedrs joins your existing documentation

In the event you are a later stage business that already has professional investor documentation in place we can review the documentation and, pending any changes we may require, join the existing structure. The key elements we look for (and therefore any changes that we are likely to make) are set out clearly in this Term Sheet. If you have any questions or concerns about this your Investment Associate would be happy to answer them. 

We will review your existing documents and ahead of the campaign would provide a commentary on what we would need in principle to execute the deal. The drafting of any specific terms would be completed in the closing stages.

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