On a general basis, please make sure that your images meet the criteria below:

  • Images must be one of the following file types: jpg, jpeg or png

  • Images must be saved/exported as ‘High-quality image’.

  • Images must be less than 8mb each.

If you're looking for the Campaign page specifications, they can be found in this article.

Launching Soon page

The time leading up to a live campaign is a crucial phase for businesses planning a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. It will help you gauge investor interest and secure a lead list of prospective investors that can be leveraged for marketing purposes throughout the campaign.

The Seedrs Launching Soon page is designed to help you maximise interest in your campaign.

Desktop banner

In order to ensure the best display for your Launching Soon page banner, the image must be 1152px x 320px. We also recommend including your logo, brand colours, a short tagline, product images or brand photography, such as the examples above, to make your banner stand out.

Mobile banner

Just like the desktop counterpart, the mobile Launching Soon page requires a banner that fits in a smaller screen. For the best display, please ensure the image is 599px x 320px. We recommend using the same elements from the desktop banner, as shown in the examples above.

The 'Our mission' section

For this section, you'll be asked to provide a short paragraph describing your business. Please note that our team will request evidence to support any factual statements.

Our team recommends the following format: [Your business name] is a [explain your business]. Get priority access to invest in our crowdfunding campaign and join our mission to [summarise your mission].

Along with this paragraph, you will be asked to upload an image that relates to it. For best display, please ensure the image is 450px x 320px.

Right below, you will find another section which lets you select between two options:

Option one:

This option consists of three circles with images in them, with a small paragraph underneath each circle. For this option, the images must be 200px x 200px.

Option two:

This option consists of one image in a rectangle, with a paragraph to the left-hand side. If you choose this option, the image must be 450px 320px.

The Launching Soon page card

The Launching Soon card is displayed to all users that visit the 'Launching Soon' page. This card consists of a banner, accompanied by your business name and a quick description of your business.

The Launching Soon page card banner image must be 360px x 200px.

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