Is my campaign ready for private launch?
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Once your campaign has been approved by Seedrs, you will be able to launch your campaign privately. Once your campaign is privately live you will have up to two weeks to gather momentum from your friends, family, and personal network before going public; though we recommend concentrating this momentum over just a few days.

Key reminders for private launch

  • People can only view your campaign via the URL, it will not be searchable on the Seedrs website.

  • Private launch will run for a maximum of 14 days.

  • We recommend you gather as much momentum as possible during the private launch phase.

Private launch checklist

1. Create email outreach lists of friends and family, influencers, customers, suppliers, previous investors and vendors.

2. Send warm-up emails to your audiences in advance to get them signed up to Seedrs and ready to go.

3. Draft email copy and decide on frequency of outreach, for example:

  • Introducing your campaign on the day of the private launch.

  • Reminder email halfway through the private launch (remember this will be for a maximum of two weeks).

  • Last reminder 24 hours before public launch.

4. Create graphics to share in communicating with your network, such as videos and infographics to help bring your campaign to life.

5. Draft social media copy for the public launch of the campaign.

6. Prepare your business plan and financials to share with investors. It might be useful to have different versions of your business plan with varying level of detail.
​7. Create a timeline of marketing activity for the public launch.

8. Consider running a private launch event to thank your network for their support and drum up additional interest.

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