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Is my campaign ready for public launch?
Is my campaign ready for public launch?
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Your campaign can stay in private launch for up to two weeks. You can make it public at any point during this time by emailing your Campaign Manager who will set it live for you. We recommend that you gather as much momentum as possible before sending your campaign public, as investors like to see that you have hustled and engaged your own network before reaching out to the ‘crowd’. The campaign can remain public for up to 40 days.

Public launch checklist

1. Ensure your whole team includes your crowdfunding campaign link in their email signatures.

2. Include a banner about your crowdfunding campaign in all newsletters that you send out regularly to your customers.

3. Send at least three emails to your email database(s)over the campaign period with your company news but ensuring the crowdfunding campaign is a significant feature.

4. Ensure you are clearly promoting your crowdfunding campaign on your own website. We suggest this is clearly on your homepage as a minimum.

5. Change your cover images on all your social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn to reflect the fact you are currently crowdfunding.

6. On Twitter post at least once a day about your campaign including a link to the campaign, using industry specific hashtags to ensure your tweet is seen by a wide audience.

7. During your campaign make sure you add your Seedrs campaign link to your social media profile page descriptions.

8. When posting about your campaign across your social media channels, make sure you pin posts to the top of your news feeds and update them at least twice a week.

In addition

  • Work continually to explore new PR opportunities and angles to highlight how unique your business is - the fact you’re crowdfunding isn’t a news story on its own so look for ways to bring your businesses story and USPs to life.

  • Attend as many events as possible where there is an opportunity to meet potential investors.

  • Generate content such as posts, images and videos to use across all your social media channels regarding your crowdfunding campaign.

  • Write a blog article to share on your own website or blog, as well as sharing it on LinkedIn as an opinion piece.

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