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Social Media Guide for Entrepreneurs
Social Media Guide for Entrepreneurs
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For businesses, social media represents a valuable and cost-effective opportunity to grow closer to your community, widen your reach and drive brand commitment. In your case, having a visual, interactive and curated profile on social media can expand your engaged community and drive brand awareness. Importantly though, it can also allow you to have a larger network to potentially lean on when building momentum around your crowd funding campaign. 

When we talk about momentum in relation your crowd funding campaign, we are specifically talking about:

  • Each of your networks, e.g. yours, ours, your businesses, and

  • The strategic flow of targeted marketing at those networks. 

Together they drive investment and activity to your campaign and visibility on the platform, getting you momentum. 

Where the skill of crowd funding comes in is having the right momentum at the right time. It is no lie that a large chunk of a fundraising round is often deposited in the initial stages of going live. Therefore keeping momentum going can help elongate incoming investment across the whole campaign period and help you smash your campaign targets!

Now, you might have an extensive social media following or maybe it's still in its embryonic stages, but either way this article will cover off our top tips on how to squeeze the best out of social media and drive your campaign’s momentum at all the right stages. 

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