Raising awareness
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Put the crowd into crowdfunding and tell people; tell everyone you can, that you are crowdfunding. 

They say it takes three to four touch points for someone to be motivated to take an action, so the more varied, dynamic and engaging touch points you have, the better. 

Put together a content and communication plan which looks to inform your social community of your crowdfunding progress. From announcing your launch date all the way through to post-funding, crowdfunding is a great story to be told and a journey you want your community to join. Obviously, there will be other pieces of content you will be wanting to populate your social media pages with but try and always leave space to spread the word about your crowdfunding efforts.

Well strategised and executed investor communications’ plan can sometimes make all the difference in a campaign successfully funding or not funding. We have put together our Content and Communications plan that you can use to help strategise your approach to investor relations; pre, during and post fundraising. This also includes a communication calendar which will allow you to schedule and plan all your potential communications.

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