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Before launching your campaign, start to tell people what you are going through, what you are trying to achieve from crowdfunding and how it could help support your vision. Importantly though, keep your social network updated with your crowdfunding progress (e.g 50%, 70%, 100% funded, 100 investors on-board!). Talking about the momentum and progress you have had acts as a great signal to potential investors to then invest themselves. But it shouldn’t stop there, after receiving your funding, talk about how you have spent that crowd funding money and the value it’s had. Being communicative post investment will make your community much more likely to advocate your brand and reinvest in follow-on rounds. 

Therefore, it’s important when putting your content and communications plan together, that you are seeing where there are opportunities to inform your network; pre, during and post crowdfunding as informative communications can work well in reassuring and engaging investors. Key pieces of information to share with your network include:

  • Your acceptance from Seedrs, acknowledging you are crowdfunding soon

  • Your go-live date

  • % funded or # of investors

  • How many days you have been fundraising 

  • Days left before coming off the platform

  • When you have received your funds

  • What you have done with the crowdfunding money and how it’s made an impact to your business

The way you push this information out there should vary in style as well as which platform you use. For instance, updating your community you are 80% funded may be great for Twitter because it is short, sharp and recognisable. Whereas informing your network you are now crowdfunding might be better optimised through a dedicated post on Facebook which is much longer, descriptive and explanatory. That’s at your discretion!

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