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When you are putting together your campaign, you will need a good variation of visual assets to bring it all to life. These not only bolster your campaign but can prove to be ideal material for sharing on social media. Posts with visual content tend to drive better engagement online so the more you can do this the better. Businesses that look to create exciting products; either with great flare, flavour or feel should try and be visual as they possibly can. If possible, capture your organisation across your value chain. If you buy fresh produce from your local market, share that authenticity! Show your world-class team in action too - investors want to see the people behind the product that they are investing in. Also update your cover photos for instance across platforms to show that you are crowd funding - optimise all of your visual artillery. 

There is a great range of visual content you can use to help gather the attention of your community and effectively communicate your messages. Mixing up how and when you use visuals can be helpful in putting together a really dynamic social media strategy. A good set of visuals are:

Team photos - this starts to humanise you and your brand

Customers using your product - this is easy to resonate with for investors and can start to visualise how you product works and how it’s received

Infographics/Date-driven visuals - to communicate detailed but important information

Illustrations - they can really help you stand up and can be great at telling stories 

Videos - can often capture what you are trying to say a lot quicker and very consumable

GIF’s/Meme’s - depends on your brand, but these can be useful in communicating strong messages that are really digestible in an informal way.

Screenshots - use these carefully as if misused, it can often land as unprofessional and careless

In addition to informing your community of your crowdfunding progress, there are other visual tactics you can use to help signal to potential investors your business is worth investing in, based off consumer psychology. Using positive colours such as green when writing high associated %’s or numbers for instance, play into an investors heuristic decision making and can make them feel calmer and more optimistic. The right layout and font can also play subconsciously on an investors mind. If a page is too crowded or poorly laid out, scattered with images surrounded by text, in a font which is too small it can be off putting, difficult to read and as a result can marginalise the engagement you receive on blogs and posts. It’s not just about the content sometimes, it also about how you present it! 

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