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Handling Investor Personal Data
Handling Investor Personal Data
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In the course of your campaign, upon your request we may provide you with details of individuals who have pre-registered for, or made investments in, your campaign.There are a number of data protection and e-privacy laws (if you’re a UK entity, like the GDPR, Data Protection Act 2018, and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) that apply to your use of this data, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that your use of this personal data complies with these laws.

If your campaign uses a pre-registration page:

You will be provided with the list of individuals who have pre-registered so that you can email them to encourage them to invest in your campaign. To comply with the UK’s e-privacy laws, we have obtained consent on your behalf from these individuals for you to market your Seedrs campaign to them.However, you must take note of the following:

  • You need to comply with the other provisions of the e-privacy laws aside from obtaining consent.

  • This consent relates to the e-privacy laws only.You must still ensure that you can market the campaign to these individuals under the relevant data protection laws like GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.

  • This consent is limited to marketing about the Seedrs campaign only.We have not obtained the individuals’ consent for you to conduct general email marketing, so you should not add these individuals to your general marketing email lists.

If the campaign is live:

Upon your request, we may provide you certain limited information about individuals who have pre-registered for or invested in your campaign, such as whether they have made an investment or paid for their investment.This can help you to chase up your contacts to make sure they have completed their investments in the business.

Please note that, unless you have used a pre-registration page, you should not search out Seedrs investors’ email addresses through other means to encourage them to invest in your campaign.Not only does this likely violate data protection and e-privacy laws but, in our experience, it is ineffective and also has the opposite effect of making our investors quite unhappy with your business.

After you successfully raise funds:

We may provide you with a full list of your investors so you can provide perks you offered in your campaign, complete any required tax or shareholder filings, or provide them with updates about the business.However, we do not believe that you can send investors general marketing about your business and comply with the e-privacy laws because they have not consented to you doing so.

Regardless of how you intend to use the personal data, you will need to perform your own analysis to determine whether such use complies with the relevant data protection laws (for example, the legal bases for processing under GDPR, and the rules governing email marketing under the e-Privacy rules).If you have questions about how you can comply with these laws, we encourage you to check out the ICO website (if you’re a UK business) or seek professional advice.

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