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Create your Entrepreneur profile
Create your Entrepreneur profile

Let's create your profile and start working on your campaign

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Congratulations! Our team has reviewed your Suitability Check and decided that you are at the right stage to raise funds with us - it's time for to give you access to your very own entrepreneur dashboard and start working on your campaign.

At this stage, there may be a few different scenarios you may find yourself in, depending on whether you had already created an investor account before getting to this stage, so let's cover each one of them:

I have never signed up to Seedrs before:

If you have never signed up to Seedrs before applying to raise, you'll need to create a new account to access your entrepreneur dashboard. The associate that reviewed your fundraising application will add you to our system and send you an email with a link to create your account.

Click on the Create your account button to be taken to the next steps, such as your new password and the country you reside in.

After everything is set, you should be redirected to your very own dashboard, ready to start building your campaign.

I signed up to Seedrs using the email link before but can't get back to my campaign!

You can easily get back to your dashboard by visiting the 'Create your account' email and clicking on the link to create an account. As we already have an account linked to your email, you will be taken to the log in screen instead - log in to your account and it should direct you to your dashboard right away

Additionally, you can also use the next method below.

I had already signed with an investor profile before - do I need to create a new account?

No - our team can link your already existing Seedrs account to your campaign, as long as you have completed your profile with all the essential details (name, address, date of birth and investor profile) and you have been approved to start working on your campaign.

If you have done all that and our team has confirmed that your entrepreneur dashboard is online, you'll just need to log in to your Seedrs account by using the standard Log In page, heading over to the menu at the top right side and selecting 'Switch to Entrepreneur', as highlighted below:

If you don't see this option, please let us know so we can look it up!

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