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How do I add team members on my campaign?
How do I add team members on my campaign?

Find out how to include all your teammates in your Seedrs campaign

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You can add a team member to the 'Team' section of your campaign page by heading over to your Campaign Dashboard - also accessible through the Switch to Entrepreneur option in your profile menu at the top right side of the page - and selecting Edit on the Your Pitch step pictured below

On your campaign dashboard, select Team and select Add team member as shown below

If the team members email that you add to the campaign page is also associated with a Seedrs account, they will have access to post comments and updates on your post-investment pages as a member of the team later on.

However, they will not have access to the business dashboard as this is only available to the administrator of the business - if you would like to update the main contact of the business, please get in touch with your dedicated Investment Associate or through

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