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Your preregistration page
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It’s important you know how well your campaign is going, even before it starts. This article will help you understand what a pre-reg campaign is and how we calculate your targets to reach on your pre-reg analytics page.

What is a pre-reg campaign?

A pre-reg campaign (also known as a ‘Launching soon’ campaign) gives a sneak peak of your pitch, allowing potential investors the chance to register their interest for early access and follow along on your campaign journey, before it goes live. All our pre-reg campaigns can be found in the ‘Launching soon’ section on our Seedrs site.

Who are potential investors?

These are investors who have yet to invest in your campaign, but have already registered their interest to do so. The most important potential investors for your purposes are those members of your own community that have never heard of Seedrs. This page gives them an introduction to the concept of investing in you and sharing in your success. It also lays the foundations of what investing via Seedrs will mean for them. Of course existing members of Seedrs may also preregister interest after finding your campaign on the launching soon page.

Why have a pre-reg campaign?

A pre-reg campaign is arguably the most important step in making your fund raising campaign successful. It allows you to assess demand and plan an appropriate marketing and comms strategy to your audiences to ensure their engagement.

Most importantly it provides a multiple touch points of communication with potential investors. We know from our experience of running campaigns that you need at least three touch points with an individual before they take an action. Engaging with them about investing in your business well ahead of the your fund raising camapign lays the foundations of the concept so that by the time you launch they are highly engaged and ready to invest. Once a potential investor preregisters they are added to your campaign watch list. They then receive emails updated you of your campaigns progress. This keeps them engaged and creates multiple touch points reminding them of the opportunity to invest in you.

Pre-registration analytics page

We want to help you understand the likelihood of your pre-registered investors converting into actual investors and how much that could bring to your campaign. This is why we created a pre-reg analytics page for your campaign.

Having the estimated converted investment from your pre-registered amount against your campaign target can paint a clearer picture of how your campaign is doing before it goes live.

How we calculate your estimated converted amount

Potential investors are given options on how much they would like to pledge to your campaign. These are categorised into set price ranges for the investor to choose from:

  • £10 - £250

  • £250 - £500

  • £500 - £1k

  • £1k - £5k

  • £5k - £10k

  • £10k - £20k

  • £20k - £50k

  • £50 - £100k

  • £100k +

For your estimated converted amount, we conservatively assume that the investor will only invest the lowest amount represented by that bracket. So, in the £250- £500 bracket we will assume they will invest £250. In our experience, on average we see a 20% conversion rate from pledged investment in a prereg page to an investment on a fund raising campaign page. To calculate the estimated converted amount we therefore take 20% of all of the pledges. So, in the example of a a user pledging to invest £250 - £500, we estimate that 20% of £250 will be invested, which equals £50. So:

[Lowest £ amount in pledge bracket] x [Seedrs average conversion rate (20%)] = [Estimated converted amount for that pledge]

This is summed across all your pledges to provide your total.

How we calculate your pledge target

We want your campaign to be in the best possible shape before it goes live to the public. To do this, we set a personalised pledge target you can monitor day-to-day during the pre-reg journey.

Let's say that your campaign target is £500,000 and your pre-reg campaign runs for 20 days.

We take the £500,000 and divide it by 20 (duration of days), which equals to £25,000. This is your average target value per day that you need to attract .

What’s not included

Currently, we do not take into account any offline direct investments. These are from investors who have backed your business before the campaign has started.

What Seedrs is doing to help you

Our team will automatically send an email to any potential investors who are not yet ready to invest or haven’t passed the identity verification. These emails will help prompt them to complete any necessary steps and contain information around the campaign journey.

What can you do to help

Make sure you always stay connected to your audience. Regular updates that are clear, informative and enthusiastic will keep investors engaged in your campaign and excited to invest! Bear in mind you’ll need to approve any messages with your Seedrs Investment associate beforehand.

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