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Campaign page image size and specifications
Campaign page image size and specifications
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On a general basis, please make sure that your images meet the criteria below:

  • Images must be one of the following file types: jpg, jpeg or png

  • Images must be saved/exported as ‘High-quality image’.

  • Images must be less than 8mb each.

  • The banner must be designed according to the specifications in the campaign banner template available for download.

If you're looking for the Launching Soon page specifications, they can be found in this article.

The Campaign page

Now that you have your Launching Soon ready to go, it's time to get started working on your campaign!

The campaign banner image

Image specification:

  • Size - 2880px x 640px

  • Mobile safe zone - 1600px x 485px (template)

  • Accepted format - jpg, jpeg or png

  • Max size - 8mb

The campaign banner image must be similar to the pre-registration banner and the banner must be 2880px x 640px.

Please take into consideration that there are areas that wont show on mobile and desktop views. This can be seen in the image below.

We suggest using the template we provide to help create the banner. One detail from the template to highlight would be that there is a designated 'safe zone' where all the key elements of the design must be, as any elements outside that zone may potentially be left out of the banner in different screen resolutions.

The campaign card

Card specification:

  • Size - 740px x 416px

  • Accepted format - jpg, jpeg or png

  • Max size - 8mb

Logo specification:

  • Size - 300px x 300px

  • Accepted format - jpg, jpeg or png

  • Max size - 8mb

The campaign card can be found in the Investment Opportunities page along with all the other available investment opportunities and it consists of two images. The card image, which is a small banner much like the Launching Soon card banner, and the company logo on the right side.

The card image must be 740px x 416px. Please be aware of the ‘Follow’ button in the top right-hand side. If you’re raising again, there will be a ‘Follow-on’ banner in the top right-hand side, so keep these factors in mind when designing your assets to ensure nothing is blocked.

Your campaign logo must be 300px x 300px.

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